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Green Twist Ties - 328ft (100m) for Gardening and Office Organization

Organize Your Garden and Office with Ease - YDSL 328ft (100m) Twist Ties with Cutter in Vibrant Green Color!

- Convenient: The built-in cutter makes it easy to cut the ties to the desired length, and the green color blends in well with plants and foliage, providing a seamless look.
- Cost-effective: With 328ft (100m) of twist ties included in each package, these ties offer great value for money and can be used for multiple projects and tasks.

YDSL 328ft (100m) Twist Ties are the perfect solution for all your gardening and office organization needs. These green garden plant ties come with a cutter, making it easy to cut the exact length you need for your plants or other items. The twist ties are made of durable material that is strong enough to hold heavy plants, yet gentle enough not to damage delicate stems. With a length of 328ft (100m), you'll have plenty of twist ties to use for multiple projects. These twist ties are not only great for gardening but also for organizing cables, cords, and other items in your home or office. The green color blends in seamlessly with plants and other greenery, making them a discreet and attractive option for tying up your garden.