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Green Twist Ties - 328ft All-Purpose Garden and Cable Ties

Secure and Organize with Ease: Get 328ft of All-Purpose Coated Twist Ties for Your Garden and Home!

- Convenient: The Twist Ties come with a trimmer that makes it easy to cut them to the desired length, making them convenient to use.
- Effective: These ties are perfect for supporting plants during their growth and care, ensuring that they are healthy and strong. They also provide a secure and organized way to manage cables and cords in your home or office.

Twist Ties are an all-purpose coated garden plant tie that comes with a trimmer garden twine support tie. These ties are reusable and perfect for gardening plants growth and care. With a length of 328 feet, they are ideal for supporting plants of all sizes. The green color of the twist ties helps them blend in with the plants, making them a discreet and effective solution for plant support. Not only are they great for gardening, but they can also be used for office and home cable organization. Twist Ties are a versatile and practical tool that every gardener or homeowner should have in their toolkit.