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Green Rubber Garden Twist Ties

Get Your Garden Growing with PQPB's Heavy Duty Green Rubber Twist Ties - Perfect for Plant Support and Organization!

- Soft and Gentle: The rubber material used in these twist ties is soft and gentle on your plants, ensuring that they do not get damaged or bruised. This makes them a great choice for delicate plants or those with thin stems.
- Versatile: These twist ties can be used for a variety of purposes, including gardening, office, and home use. They are great for supporting plants, organizing cables, and securing bags, among other things. With a total length of 65.8 feet, you'll have plenty of ties to use for

The PQPB Garden Twist Ties are an essential tool for any gardener, office worker or homeowner. Made from soft and reusable rubber wire, these ties are perfect for supporting and securing plants, cables, and other items. With a length of 32.8 feet per tie and a total of 65.8 feet, you will have plenty of material to work with. The green color of these ties blends in seamlessly with your garden, making them a discreet and unobtrusive addition to your landscaping. These heavy-duty plant support twines are perfect for any outdoor or indoor application, allowing you to keep your plants and other items secure and protected. With the PQPB Garden Twist Ties, you can ensure that your plants and other items stay in place, no matter what.