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Flexi-Ties: Soft Twist Wire for Plants and Office

Get Organized with YDSL's 88 Feet Soft Twist Plant Ties - Perfect for Garden Vines and Office Needs!

- Durable: Despite its softness, the wire is also durable and strong, able to hold up heavy plants or items without breaking or losing its shape.
- Long Length: With 88 feet of wire, you'll have plenty to work with and won't need to constantly replace it or buy more. This makes it a cost-effective solution for your gardening or organizational needs.

The YDSL 88 feet Garden Flexible Wire is a must-have tool for all gardeners and office organizers. This soft twist plant tie is perfect for securing plant vines, flowers, and branches without damaging them. The wire is made of high-quality materials and has a diameter of 3mm, making it strong enough to hold even the heaviest plants. With a length of 88 feet, this wire is long enough to cover a large area, making it perfect for gardens of any size. Additionally, this wire can be used for office organization, keeping cables and cords tidy and in place. In summary, the YDSL 88 feet Garden Flexible Wire is a versatile and durable tool that will make your gardening and office organization tasks a breeze.