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Green Garden Twist Tie Set (40-Pack)

Train Your Garden to Perfection with a Set of 40 Flexible Green Rubber Coated Plant Twist Ties!

- Flexible: The plant twist ties are flexible, allowing for easy manipulation and adjustment as plants grow and change.
- Eco-friendly: The plant twist ties are made from reusable materials, making them an eco-friendly choice for gardeners who want to minimize their environmental impact.

This Set of 40 Plant Twist Tie is a must-have for any gardener. The flexible green rubber coated garden training wire can be used to secure plants, flowers, and vines to trellises or stakes. The wire is easy to twist and bend, allowing you to shape your plants as they grow. The rubber coating ensures that the wire won't damage your plants or leave any marks. With 40 ties included in the set, you'll have plenty to use throughout your garden. Keep your plants healthy and looking their best with this versatile and durable twist tie set.